Your pension is a team game

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pension is a team gameRunning a pension is a big job. Your Silver Thatch plan, like all pension plans, is guided by a team of experts working together to make sure the plan can grow your savings and pay pensions now and into the future. The plan is governed by a six-member Board of Trustees, elected by the membership at an annual general meeting.

The Board of Trustees has overall responsibility for running the plan according to all applicable laws and in the best interest of plan members. But it can’t do this alone. One of the Trustees’ most important tasks is to choose a team of experts to help run the plan, and then oversee the work of these experts.The following are some of the key members of that team.

Actuary: The plan’s actuary, Eckler Ltd., provides expertise in the mathematics of risk. The actuary’s job includes offering the Board of Trustees advice on plan
design, and conducting regular pension valuations to measure the plan’s financial health.

Administrator: The administrator, Intertrust (Cayman) Limited, takes care of plan accounting, fund calculations, financial statement preparation, and payment review and processing.

Client services agent: Saxon Pension Services looks after the day-to-day activities of the plan. These activities include helping members enroll in the plan and apply to receive pensions, and making sure members receive important communication highlighting plan news and updates. You should report any personal changes (your employer, mailing address or beneficiary information) to Saxon.

Investment managers: Your personal and employer contributions are invested by a team of world-class investment managers under the direction of Deutsche Bank. The Board of Trustees regularly monitors the investment managers’ performance, to make sure they are investing the plan’s assets in the best interests of members.

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