You and your employer are required to contribute an amount that, when combined, equals 10% of your “earnings” (up to the annual maximum pensionable earnings of CI$87,000 a year). Your employer’s share must equal at least 5% of your earnings. If your employer contributes more than 5%, your share of the total 10% contribution will be reduced accordingly.

These contributions – referred to as your basic contributions – are deposited in a member account set up in your name. Your employer should make the contributions on your behalf once each month.


Earnings include any wages, salary, leave pay, fees, commissions, bonus (to the extent that it is more than 20% of your basic wage or salary), and gratuities received from an employer. Earnings do not include severance payments, retirement or long-service recognition payments, or health insurance premiums.

If you are self-employed

You must contribute an amount that equals 10% of your earnings, your contributions should be paid on a monthly basis and received by Silver Thatch no later than 15 days after the month end. Contributions can be made in Cayman Islands or U.S. dollars.

Contributions received in Cayman Islands dollars will be converted to U.S. dollars at the rate of $0 .835. There are no foreign exchange fees or commissions charged for this service. If more than CI$8,700 is contributed to your account within one calendar year, the additional amounts will be treated as Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs).

For more information on your contributions,  please refer to the Member Handbook.