The benefits of your Silver Thatch AVCs

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benefits of additional voluntary contributionsThere are many advantages to making additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) within your Silver Thatch Pension Plan versus contributing to a savings or investment account with a retail bank or other financial institution. Here are the top five reasons:

  1. Convenience – Contributions are deducted automatically from your pay each pay period. Simply set it and watch your savings grow into retirement.
  2. Low fees – Because we are a group plan with a considerable pool of money, we can negotiate lower investment management fees than you would typically pay in the retail market. With these cost savings, more of your contribution money is going directly into your pension investments and less on paying fees.
  3. Flexibility – You can change the level of your voluntary contributions at any time.
  4. Expertise – You can invest in a range of professionally managed funds that are typically not available to retail investors with modest amounts of money – including two extra portfolios to choose from in addition to the three portfolios offered in your basic contributions.
  5. Risk reduction – By making regular contributions, you reduce the risk that other investors face when they try to “time the market.”