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Communication is a two-way process. In order for us to administer the Silver Thatch programme effectively, we rely on you to keep us up to date whenever there is a change in your person­al situation.

Please inform your employer (or, if you are self-employed, the Plan’s client services agent) if:

  • there is a change in your name, address or marital status;
  • your spouse dies;
  • you plan to retire before your normal retirement date;
  • you intend to retire after your normal retirement date;
  • you stop working after your normal retirement date; or
  • you move from the Cayman Islands.

If you are notifying the Plan of a marriage, please provide the marriage date and the name of your spouse. In the case of a divorce, please provide the date, the name of your spouse, and the details of any maintenance or financial orders. Visit who to contact for details.

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Additional Contacts

Client Services Agent

Saxon Pension Services
14 Saxon Centre
P.O. Box 31694
14 Saturn Close, Eastern Avenue
Grand Cayman KY1-1207
Cayman Islands

Telephone: +1 (345) 943-7770
Fax: +1 (345) 943-7771

Investment Managers

Deutsche Bank (Cayman) Ltd
Boundary Hall, Cricket Square
171 Elgin Avenue
PO Box 1984
Grand Cayman KY1-1104

Call: +1 345 949 8244
Fax: +1 345 949 8178